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Re.Wrap is a groundbreaking acoustic fabric-wrapped system driven by a passion for circular and responsible design.


A 96% recycled, 100% recyclable acoustic system, Re.Wrap champions material circularity, waste recovery, local craftsmanship and creativity.



I was introduced to the project back in 2022 and commissioned to work closely with the in-house design team. The objective was to develop an acoustic panel system that uses reclaimed 60% recycled PET, that can be wrapped in fabric and mounted on a wall. The system needed to be fully reversible to extend the lifetime of the materials.

The R&D process was based on invention and iteration. We made many prototypes in a super organised and scientific process. One year later we had a groundbreaking new manufacturing process ready for patenting.

4 design modle.jpg

Design For Circularity


For a product to be circular ready it needs to retain its usefulness throughout its life, not just at the end of it.


Circularity informed decisions in materials selection and manufacturing processes throughout development.

To highlight this, the name 'Re.Wrap' is a reference to the continuances use of materials.

Design for:

  • Longevity

  • Service

  • Re-use and Re-manufacture

  • Material Recovery


Ethics in Action

With its intelligent patent pending design (2301569.6), Re.Wraps 100% recyclable solution uses only three materials:

  • Reclaimed PET

  • Aluminium 

  • Fabric (the standard fabric is 100% recycled)


PET is made from a minimum of 60% post consumer plastic bottles. This material is then reclaimed from sites e.g. acoustic paneling or ceiling baffles, then fabricated into Re.Wrap, setting the materials on their third cycle. If that wasn't enough, a take back scheme is dedicated to the collection and re-purposing of Re.Wrap panels to ensurer all materials are continuously reused or re-manufactured, truly taking control and closing the loop.  

Re.Wrap is made in Britain to support local trade and commerce and for carbon-usage control. Available exclusively through The Collective, and uses the waste material reclaimed through their unique Take Back programme.


With thanks to all the team at at Re.Wrap

Re.Wrap was developed with skilled professionals from all aspects of the business and their supply chain. 

Animation by: Joe West Morgan

CGI by: Jonathan Formento

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