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NaughtOne - Hue


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Hue is a freestanding soft seating and desk combination, that supports colleagues’ chance encounters between workspaces.


Available in four iterations with a steel base in a range of RAL colours.

  • Hue

  • Hue with screen 

  • Hue bar height

  • Hue bar height with screen



The aim was to offer new ways of collaboration in work-space. To exploit unused space and peoples free time. Which roughly translates as; seating for people, who bump into each other, as they walk between areas, at work.


Researching circulation and high foot fall areas and using key points like 'Privacy on Demand' and 'Zonal Overlap'. Suggested a demand for a product that could deal with these situations in a simple direct way.

​People don’t need to over plan for short dynamic interactions, they just need a space that supports their behaviour in a productive manner.

Design Process


It was important for us to establish the context and purpose to the concept at an early stage in the project.


We can understand why bar stools are increasingly specified into zones or settings that call for faster interactions. It’s quicker to step down from a bar height stool or from a perching position. Also it’s easier for a person sitting on a bar stool to converse with someone standing.

I used an interactive 3D presentation to help contextualize the idea.

It helped demonstrate scale and flexibility early in the project timeline. 

Idea Generation


Sketching is a quick effective way to communicate ideas to other creatives.


CAD renders support a concept further when pitching the idea to a wider ordinance. It's also important to see how a product works along side a client existing portfolio. Mock studio shots or even building full environments help people understand the narrative.

One to one prototypes are the only way to prove proportion in relation to comfort. naughtone has incredible capabilities in supporting this.

With thanks to all the team at NaughtOne.

Hue was developed with skilled professionals from all aspects of the business and their supply chain. 

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Product awards and nominations

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