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NaughtOne - Ever

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Ever is designed as a traditional typology, available as a chair, 2 or 3 seat sofa. Upholstered in any suitable fabric.

Available with a steel or wooden base.

  • Chair

  • 2 Seat Sofa 

  • 3 Seat Sofa

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The project had two sides. One was to build on the visual success from the naughtone portfolio. The other was to explore the end-of-life-process for the product's materials.  

We wanted an environmentally friendly product without compromising the identity and preferred form.

With support from the Herman Miller environmental products team, it became clear that material separation was key.

A greater understanding of the 'Circular Economy' and how to design a product, ready to enter it, was the driving force behind the engineering.

Design For Circularity


For a product to be circular ready it needs to retain its usefulness throughout its life, not just at the end of it.


Circularity informed decisions in materials selection and manufacturing processes throughout development.

To highlight this, the name 'Ever' is a reference to the continuances use of materials.

Design for:

  • Longevity

  • Service

  • Re-use and Re-manufacture

  • Material Recovery


Trial and Error

The principle is, every part needed to be separable using simple hand tools, without material degradation. No glue, no special processes, just keep it simple. 

A huge amount for prototyping was necessary. We needed solid CAD and a scientific approach to the project. 

The result is a step forward for sustainability in design.

Design has a responsibility to approach tough questions and I'm proud to be part of an answer.

It's a journey we need to make together. So let's start.

With thanks to all the team at NaughtOne.

Ever was developed with skilled professionals from all aspects of the business and their supply chain. 

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