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Stepped Extending Table



This collaboration with Dovetailors aimed to bring beautiful design and high-end craftsmanship together.

David and Emmanuelle had some key criteria to meet when we developed this concept.


Their knowledge of wood is second to none and a they are a pleasure to work with.

Open and Closed


Typically, extending tables compromise on their form when open. Discreetly hiding the sliding mechanism is difficult.


The stepped leg and lip detail delivers a clean linear pattern, with respectful reference to the art deco era.


Using clever engineering and geometry the table extends; and the form becomes part of the mechanism. Most importantly the visual integrity is maintained opened and closed, without compromise.


Range content


Following current trends the below materials and finishes are as standard.


Bespoke options are available on request​

  • European Oak

  • American Walnut

A product for and in collaboration with

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