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DEKA - DC-01




The DC-01 chair was designed to serve as a familiar and relatable seating option for both residential and commercial markets.





The plan was to have a separate seat and back to utilise existing manufacture tooling or mould forming to future proof the design. This simple shape could therefore be made from different materials depending on the customers’ requirements or evolving trends of sustainable materials.

The decorative back loop is designed for retrofitting, enabling the chair to alter its appearance to complement its interior. This feature becomes particularly significant for interior renovations, emphasizing the potential to reuse or up-cycle the chair.

DC_01 3D print.jpg
4 design modle.jpg

Design For Circularity


For a product to be circular ready it needs to retain its usefulness throughout its life, not just at the end of it.


Circularity informed decisions in materials selection and manufacturing processes throughout development.

Design for:

  • Longevity

  • Service

  • Re-use and Re-manufacture

  • Material Recovery


Ethics in Action

DEKA is dedicated to sustainable design through circularity. Their unique FRV offer (Furniture Return Value) serves as an incentive for the reuse and re-manufacture of their products. The design process had to ensure a healthy balance of quality, serviceability as well as desirability.


We used simple materials that were durable and replaceable, each part can be removed using a 4mm Allen Key. The unique wool filling is not glued and can be reused or replace without material degradation.

  • Seat and Back - Plywood, Low Formaldehyde

  • Base - Mild Steel, Powder Coated 

  • Upholstery Filling - Wool, Needled 

  • Cover – Fabric, Customer Choice


Exploded Drawing 01.jpg

With thanks to all the team at at DEKA

DC-01 was developed with skilled professionals from all aspects of the business and their supply chain. 


Photography by: Robert Foster

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